Strawberry Patch February 2024

🌟 Strawberry Vale Preschool Weekly Highlights 🌈

Ahoy, Strawberry Vale families! This week, our preschool turned into a bustling hub of exploration, creativity, and sheer joy! Here’s a sprinkle of the magical moments we shared:

πŸ„ Nature’s Classroom Unfolds: Our yard revealed a secret adventure as the children discovered a decomposing log. With curiosity sparked, they chipped away at the “white stuff,” uncovering the wonders of decomposition. Imagine chipping away and creating a preschool-built canoe to float in our pond. Could we? Should we? Stay tuned!

🌳 Spring Awakens: With the forest shaking off its winter nap, we embarked on a journey to identify plants, trees, fungi, and lichen. Connecting with nature has never been more enchanting!

πŸ‘Ÿ Leap of Confidence: A new stepping stone course challenged our little adventurers, transforming cautious steps into bold leaps. Witnessing their confidence soar was a sight to behold, a reminder of the beauty in embracing risk with a sprinkle of safety.

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Pirate Adventures on the High Seas: Captain and his crew navigated treacherous waters, facing cannon fire and ship repairs with bravery. Our preschoolers’ imagination sailed far and wide, proving there’s no limit to where their minds can go.

🐸 Frogs’ Week Peek: From rescue missions to pond explorations and tree planting, our Frogs’ week was filled with environmental heroism and construction marvels. A Lego horse rescue turned into an eco-adventure, showcasing our children’s big hearts and boundless energy.

🎼 Musical Mavericks: Has your home been filled with the sound of emerging band stars? Our preschool band has been practicing hard, creating symphonies of joy (and a bit of noise) that echo through Strawberry Vale.

πŸ’Œ Sprinkles of Kindness: On Pink Shirt Day, our circle time turned into a brainstorm of benevolence, sharing ideas on spreading kindness far and wide. Our “Sprinkles of Kindness” donut is bursting with heartfelt ideas from our thoughtful preschoolers.

🌧️ Weather Wonders and Sandbox Architects: From puddle collectors to sandbox road engineers, every dry and rainy day is an opportunity for discovery and creation. Even a downpour can’t dampen our spirits!

πŸ‘« Big Buddy Day and Pirate Day: Get ready for a week of friendship and adventure! Big Buddy Day and Pirate Day are on the horizon, promising days filled with camaraderie and imaginative play. Remember, no pirate weapons needed; we’re all about safe, dramatic play.

πŸ“Έ Picture Day Reminder: Mark your calendars for March 12th and 13th for class and individual photos. Let’s capture these moments with smiles and giggles.

πŸ’ Upcoming Fundraiser: The Royals game and Chuck a Puck event is almost here! Join us on March 9th for a night of fun and fundraising. Just a few tickets left!

🎨 Creative Explorations: From forest adventures discussing land stewardship to inventive painting with shower poofs and overturned picnic table ships, creativity knows no bounds at Strawberry Vale.

Stay tuned for more adventures, and remember, our preschool is a place where imagination runs wild, and every day is a new journey!

🌈 Save the Dates:

  • March 9thΒ – Royals Hockey game & Chuck-a-puck.
  • Purdy’s Easter Campaign: Orders due March 17th.
  • Hilltop Orders: Due April 7th.
  • Photographs March 12 , 13, for class and individual photos!

For any questions about events, reach out to Let’s make every moment at Strawberry Vale Preschool a magical adventure!

Have you purchased your hockey tickets? We are only 1 week out! Please connect with fundraising or a teacher to secure yours!!