Strawberry Patch January 2024

🚀✨ A Stellar Journey Back to Strawberry Vale Preschool! ✨🚀

Welcome back, little astronauts! 🌌 After a cozy winter break, our preschool transformed into a buzzing space station. The “under the loft area” launched into a new realm, turning into a spacecraft complete with astronaut suits, a telescope, and a control station. 🚀 Our journey through the cosmos didn’t stop there; the space theme soared across the room with a wooden rocket ship, moon rocks shimmering at the light table, and a galaxy of stories told through painted rocks.

Despite the chill limiting our outdoor adventures on Thursday, we brought the universe of fun indoors with an extended circle time. We soared through movement, games, and the echoing laughter of reading one of our favorite tales, “Mortimer” by Robert Munch. The children became drumming stars, syncing their beats with the book’s chorus, filling the room with joyous rhythm. 📚✨

🐸 Frogs Peek into Thursday Afternoon: A Construction of Creativity

The cold may have shortened our outdoor time, but it sparked an indoor masterpiece. A fort of epic proportions emerged, crafted from every toy in sight, draped in blankets, and guarded by a playful obstacle course. Navigating “the fort” became an adventure, showcasing our little architects’ boundless imagination and teamwork. 🏰

❄️ A Week of Snowy Delights and Warm Welcomes

The snow became our canvas and playground, from sledding escapades to crafting snow angels. We’re thrilled to introduce new students to our vibrant community, along with new support joining us for her ECE practicum. Together, we’re exploring new horizons, both in the snowy outdoors and the heart of our classrooms.

🐞 Ladybugs’ and Frogs’ Week of Discovery

From snowy crafts to volcanic experiments, our week was a tapestry of learning and laughter. The Ladybugs painted the last of the snow while uncovering hidden gems in our Fairy Garden. The Frogs embraced their scientific curiosity with volcano creations, letting their imaginations erupt in colorful expressions.

As we ventured from the realms of space to the wonders of our own snowy backyard, the week at Strawberry Vale Preschool was nothing short of magical. From building forts to creating art, every moment was a journey of discovery, friendship, and fun. Here’s to more adventures ahead! 🌈🌟

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