Strawberry Patch April, May 2024

🌟 Discover the Delights of Our Recent Weeks at SVP Preschool! 🌟

🏴‍☠️ Adventures in Learning and Exploration 🏴‍☠️

🐞 Ladybugs’ Pirate Preparations: Our Ladybugs had a thrilling week with visits from former preschoolers, now in Mrs. Roach’s class. They engaged in a delightful smartboard storytelling session followed by one-on-one reading with their big buddies. The excitement continued as they prepared for Pirate Day, crafting treasure maps and painting pirate flags. Their creativity shone as they painted pirate ships and eco-friendly “gold” rocks. The week culminated in a forest treasure hunt and pirate-themed yoga, enhancing both their imagination and physical fitness.

🐸 Frogs’ Innovative Racetrack: The Frogs transformed a simple tuff tray into an elaborate racetrack, complete with tape roads, cheerers, and even a unicorn! 🦄 They built stands, crafted a trophy, and devised a confetti system to celebrate the winning car, showcasing their deep engagement and creativity. Their week was filled with energy, from constructing traffic lights to powering up bikes, proving that learning through play is boundlessly fun.

🌱 Tadpoles’ Outdoor Adventures: With smaller class sizes, our Tadpoles enjoyed several trips, reinforcing kindergarten readiness skills like group walking. Their joy was evident at Rosedale Park and during their “Forest Friday” hide and seek games. They also engaged in hands-on gardening, eagerly planting sunflowers which, with a bit of luck and care, will grow into stunning blooms.

🏴‍☠️ Bears’ Pirate and Construction Fun: Our Bears also delved into Pirate Day activities, crafting maps and flags and searching for treasure in the forest. Their week was also marked by practical learning as they helped clean up after a hailstorm, underscoring the importance of safety and teamwork.

🌼 Seasonal Science and Storytelling: As spring ushered in new life, our children explored the life cycles of frogs, chicks, and butterflies with great enthusiasm. They observed chick hatching and even tried their hand at veterinary play, caring for various “patients” in our SVP vet hospital.

🎨 Creative Expressions and Community Engagement: From constructing a dinosaur park at the playdough table to setting up a race track and indulging in imaginative play, our students’ creativity was on full display. They also welcomed their families to share in these moments, bridging school experiences with home life.

🌞 Looking Ahead to Summer: As we plan for summer camps, we’re adapting to changes like possible relocations due to school district roofing updates. We’re excited for the opportunities this summer will bring, whether at our usual site or at a local park, promising more adventures and learning experiences.

Join us in celebrating the vibrant life and learning at SVP Preschool, where every week is an adventure and a chance to grow! 🌱🎉