The Strawberry Patch – February 2015

February’s Newsletter is Here!

Gail’s Gab

February’s general theme will be Friendship and Individuality. In the classroom we will explore our commonalities and our diversities as individuals, sharing and cherishing what is special about each and every one of us.

Chinese New Year is celebrated on Feb 19th this year and it is The Year of the Sheep. We will share some cultural stories and build a dragon head, play with our musical instruments and participate in a Dragon Dance! If anyone has a special activity or food you would like to share with the class let me know as we would love to incorporate it into the program.

Some of our children are showing great interest in worms! Does anyone have some lovely worm filled soil? We would love a bucket of dirt and worms for the classroom to investigate these little squiggly creatures further

Playfully Teacher Gail