The Strawberry Patch – April 2015

April’s Newsletter is Here!

Gail’s Gab

Spring Has Sprung

As we welcome the arrival of Spring at preschool….things start to get very BUSY!

Farmer Mile will be bringing us our incubator and eggs soon. This is a very EGGciting time in our classroom as the children watch and wait in anticipation for those lovely little chicks to start cheeping and pecking their way out of their eggs. All going as planned, the chicks should be hatching the first week of May. The chicks stay and play at preschool for about two weeks. Your preschooler will have an opportunity to help care for the chicks, name them and of course give them a gentle cuddle now and then!

Croak, croak, croak….we are on the hunt for frog eggs in our pond. These little teeny tiny eggs are tricky to find sometimes so if there are families that have access to ponds with frog eggs please let me know so we have a backup plan. The children will be making regular trips to the pond to observe the changes on land and in the water while we hunt for those tricky little eggs. Once we have successfully retrieved the frog eggs we will have an aquarium in the classroom for the children to observe first hand, the change from tadpole to frog.

Spring has Sprung…this also means unpredictable weather. Please begin layering your children’s clothing so they can adjust as they see fit. Some days when you arrive it looks gloomy but when the kids hit outside…poof it is warm and muggy. Always packing a light hoodie is perfect for those days that are not quite t-shirt friendly but your little one is cooking in their winter or rain jacket. Rain gear should still be in back packs every day so we are prepared for anything….also so we are ready for a spontaneous trip to the forest creek or pond. LABEL, label label! I can’t stress enough the importance of labeling your children’s clothing and snack items…there are 36 children sharing our preschool and I can guarantee you that the grown-ups won’t remember what belongs to your child when the cubby explosion happens! Happy Spring Everyone!

Playfully, Teacher Gail


President’s Pen

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and were able to have some fun and relaxation with their family.

I love spring! Everything is fresh and new and I’m hopeful that it means the end of cold and flu season. I’ve been enjoying listening to the Red Wing Blackbird greet us when we arrive at the preschool. There is a couple that make their nest in the pond reeds every spring. Last year a naturalist took the preschoolers to the pond and explained that the male red wing blackbird is warning us (and crows) to stay away from his nest. I can also hear frogs croaking in the pond at night. I’m sure the preschoolers will be spending time exploring and discovering life in the pond.

The parent education portion of the April General Meeting will be facilitated by Dana Bell, our VICPA consultant. It will be a chance to brainstorm the strengths and weaknesses of our preschool and offer creative ideas to make the preschool even better. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to learn more about the preschool.

Brendan and I are looking forward to the Walk-a-thon on April 18, 9:30 to 11:30. Last year’s was a blast. Plus we helped raise a lot of money to run our wonderful preschool and keep our fees low. Ali thanks for organizing the hanging baskets. It is great to have a smaller fundraiser to compliment our big ones. I’ll be buying my mom, mother-in law and myself a basket. I love that I can get them a great gift, without having to think about it or go shopping!

All the best, Madeline