Strawberry Patch – April 2016

Gail’s Gab April 2016

Well we couldn’t ask for nicer weather to bring in April! As you all know, Victoria is unpredictable so please continue to layer your children’s clothing, have a light hoodie available for those in between days and perhaps a pair of sunglasses. There are several children finding the bright sun bothering their eyes so even a inexpensive pair of sunglasses help with that transition to outdoors….remember they will take them off and leave them just about anywhere so don’t buy Raybans!! Even though the sun is often shining in the morning, please continue to send your children in boots as our grass is VERY wet with dew and the kids in crocks and sneakers are getting soggy feet.


Forest, Pond and Garden visits: All classes will be exploring the forest, pond and tending our garden over the next few months. The children are currently planting seeds that we will be transplanted into our community garden with SVE. We are planting kale, carrots, peas and zucchini…and by popular demand…perhaps a pumpkin plant in our yard.


Pond Life: The frogs are croaking, the red winged black birds are singing and our friends Mr. And Mrs. Quacker have returned! Visits to the pond to explore are underway. We have found some frog eggs, water snails and dragon fly larva that are on display in our classroom. The frogs can take up to 12 weeks so we will be watching right up until the last weeks of preschool!


Chicks: Mid April the chicken eggs will arrive at preschool for incubation. This is the most EGGciting event of the year! We are blessed with a friend, Mile Petrovic, who kindly lends us an incubator and provides us with fertilized eggs every year. Many thanks to Mile! The children watch and wait…21 days for their little feathery surprises to hatch. The chicks live in the classroom for a week or two before heading off to Mile’s farm to live a happy chicken’s life.