Ladybugs (4 year-olds)

Ladybugs is often the child’s second year at preschool. As they engage in play and explore their environment, they take the lead of the emergent curriculum while the ECEs support their interests with materials and learning opportunities. Through play, the children explore social boundaries, improve social competencies, find their place in a group, navigate friendships, take risks, learn from mistakes…figure out how to get their shovel back.

This is an indoor/outdoor program with a high focus on the outdoors. As in Bears, the program continues to offer exploration of art materials, dramatic play, sensory experiences, blocks, puzzles, language, literature, music, and circle time, as well as a fantastic space for outdoor gross motor and exploration of nature. We visit the local forest, playfield, pond, local parks, and community garden. The daily program provides many opportunities for the children to build self-confidence and independence, readying them for kindergarten, including basic routines of group time, clean up, dressing, snack time, respecting boundaries, and off property safety.