Frogs (3/4 year-olds)

Frogs is a multiage program with a primary focus on outdoor play. Most days the Frog program will operate entirely outside with occasional inside play opportunities. This class will experience play in the yard with access to a playhouse, mud kitchen, covered sandbox, sheltered tent, climber, and a large selection of fine and gross motor toys and equipment. Frogs also explore the local forest, playfield, and community garden.

This multiage program provides a wonderful opportunity for the younger children to build confidence and enhance their language and social skills; while the older children benefit from all this as well as experiencing the sense of empathy and responsibility that comes from positive mentorship. The daily program provides many opportunities for the children to build independence as they move through basic routines including group time, clean up, dressing, snack time, respecting boundaries, and off property safety. Even outdoors, the Frogs program offers exploration of art materials, dramatic play, sensory experiences, blocks, puzzles, language and literature, music, and circle time, as well as a fantastic space for outdoor gross motor and exploration of nature.

Starting 2023/24 school year

Frogs Class will now be available for both Bears and Ladybugs to attend. Strawberry Vale Preschool has received a childcare license for afternoon classes. Frogs class will be M/W/F 1pm-3pm and/or T/TH 12pm-3pm. Please contact if you have any questions.