Then & Now

Here is a glimpse into the past from the photo album at Strawberry Vale Preschool. These photos, taken in the 1960’s, show Mrs. Ethel Cummins, the first preschool teacher, with some students at graduation and again cutting a cake at her retirement party in 1969. Fast forward to 2014 with our current Early Childhood Educator Gail Atkins cutting the cake at our year end celebration. Also a picture with Gail and a graduating student on the last day of class. The graduating student, Rowen Henderson, when asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, replied “I want to be a dentist and a house builder. And when teacher Gail gets old, I will teach the kids at Strawberry Vale Preschool”. Gail herself attended Strawberry Vale Preschool and returned as a teacher. It would be awesome to see Rowen do the same thing!