The Strawberry Patch – June 2015

June’s Newsletter is Here!

Gail’s Gab

What an amazing picnic! Thank you so much to all the volunteer students, family members and friends, for chipping in and making our year end party a big success. Big round of applause to Kelby Horseman for organizing and coordinating the families’ contributions to this event as well as securing all of the donations for all of the food! What about that cake!?! Thank you to Meaghan (past preschool parent) for taking the time to show our school philosophy as a cake topper… so playful and creative… thank you!

As we wrap up the school year with the release of our frogs into the pond and farewell to our lovely little chicks we hatched, time just seems to have zoomed by. We still have lots to squeeze in before all is said and done, though.  Show and Tell, a visit from our friends at the Conservatory of Music, Crazy Hat/Hair Day, Family Beach day at Island View and for the Ladybugs and Frogs, our Graduation parties, Bears have a Water Fun Day… so much to do and so little time left.

I don’t think I am ready to say goodbye to all of you! Alas, your children keep growing and need to move on to their next step, Kindergarten or to the 4 year old program…

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my preschool families for their hard work and commitment to your children. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share your child’s education through playful learning.

I wish you all a fun-filled, safe, summer and great success in September with the transitions to the “big school”. Please find a little time now and then, to pop in to say “hello”. I love to see you!


Gail Atkins


President’s Pen

Only two more weeks of preschool left for this year. How did that happen? It has been wonderful to watch my son’s preschool class grow up and become ready for kindergarten. I’m looking forward to their graduation. I’m sure Gail has them working on something special.

Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful preschool year. Thank you to all the significant others, grandparents, friends and employers that helped support the preschool by helping us engage in our preschool duties like duty days, preschool jobs, and attending meetings.

Kelby and Gail, thank you for pulling together a wonderful annual picnic! I love the big events that bring our community together. Kristan, thanks for making the fun (and candy free) goody bags. My boys love gem stones! Thanks to everyone who helped set-up, clean-up, and brought food. My family and I had a great time.

A special thanks to everyone on the executive. I appreciate your dedication to the preschool. Your extra time and effort helped us improve a wonderful preschool.

Strawberry Vale Preschool is a special place and I am grateful that my children had the opportunity to attend. It was a privilege to be part of such a wonderful community and make lifelong friends.

All the best,

Madeline Dams