Strawberry Patch – September 2016

Gail’s Gab

Welcome and welcome back! I can’t believe it is already time to start our preschool year! For our new families, I am sure you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the paper work, meetings and all those other “little things” you have to remember…I can relate! The great thing is your children don’t really care about all the “little things” they just want to have fun…so that is what we are going to do! Please be patient with our transition month. September is going to be a little bumpy as all of the children settle into the preschool and parents into their role as preschool parent, co-op member and duty parent.
Many thanks to all of our members that have continued to support our school over the summer with sorting finances, pounds of paperwork, policy reviews, yard maintenance, enrollment…yikes so much to do even when we are closed! You are the best!
I am so excited to get our new longer programs started and look forward to working with all of you to create a fantastic experience for your children.

Program Notes

September is all about getting to know each other and finding everyone’s comfort zone.
Where I go with the program is in the hands of the children. I will be assessing each group during this month and taking the children’s lead; In the ECE world this is called Emergent Learning.

Program Hours

Our extended preschool hours this year will allow our program to relax a little on our time lines for transitions…take the rush out of the day. The general time lines for indoor, outdoor and opportunities to eat, will be posted; however, these are not written in stone and times may fluctuate slightly from day to day.
Pick Up Time: It is imperative that you are prompt
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class is over so your child is relaxed and reassured that “their parent” is coming and so we may have your support and assistance in guiding the children through clean up and our goodbye song. This is a great opportunity to model for the children how to work as a group cooperatively to achieve a common goal.
You must sign in and out of preschool each day
Please be sure to review pick up and drop off routines with alternate caregivers
Ladybug Class: We start our program outside in the playground so please dress for the cooler mornings (and layer the clothing so the kids can lighten up when we head outside again closer to noon when it is warmer.) Take note that the grass is quite wet first thing even if it has not rained so often boots and mud pants are require upon arrival. Parents can drop kids bags in the school, sign in and say your goodbyes in the playground. Feel free to stay for a few minutes if your child is in need some support.
ENSURE the GATE is CLOSED and LOCKED at all times.