Strawberry Patch November 2023

🦕 Dino Delight in Our Classroom! 🌟 This Month, our mini paleontologists found tiny dinosaurs in our sandbox-turned-dino land, complete with dried peas and foam blocks. In the art area, creativity soared with star tracers, shaping young minds and crayon skills!

🌲 Forest Friday Finale! 🌳 Our week wrapped up with a thrilling Forest Friday. Imagination took flight with DIY flying monsters (safety first on those magical rides!).

🐞 Ladybugs’ Shape Spectacular! 🔵⬛️ This week was all about shapes for the Ladybugs. Tiny nails and hammers met cork boards, creating colorful patterns and scenes. Plus, a shape-fitting challenge added extra fun!

🛠️ Build & Bake Extravaganza! 🎂 Inside and outside, our little builders were busy with legos and blocks. Over at the Bakery Sandbox, pretend baking took center stage – blueberry muffins, pumpkin pies, and a special “5 milk, 5 hay, 2 eggs” cake recipe!

⚔️ Watch Out for the Fight Master! ⚔️ In our yard, the Fight Master was playfully sneaking sleeping potion into juice jugs. And, a big effort to pump up a giant beach ball kept everyone engaged.

🎵 Outdoor Band and Dino Adventures 🎷 Our Frogs had a blast with outdoor band practice, exploring various instruments. Plus, a classic game of “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” paired with playdough dino nests and imaginative sea voyages!

🏠 Dream Houses and Gardens in the Making 🌸 A future house drawing session let the children envision their dream homes, complete with lush gardens and serene ponds.

What a week of exploration, creativity, and fun! 🌈✨

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