Strawberry Patch – May 2016

Gail’s Gab May 2016


EGG-CITING NEWS… the chicks have hatched! Mile gave us 44 eggs this year! That was one crowded incubator for sure….We hatched a total of 31 chicks. The chicks will stay at preschool until mid next week, which will give all of the children an opportunity to observe and care for them…and name them. A few names so far have been Princess, The Big One, Pudding, Tweety-tweet, The Little One, Coco, Sugar….the list goes on and on. I am pretty sure each chick has been given at least two names.


Watch our Garden Grow:The children have successfully transplanted their seedlings into our SVE Community Garden. We currently have planted kale, peas and carrots. They have started sunflowers, zucchini and pumpkin plants in the classroom which will soon be moved to planters in our yard. All of the classes will continue to visit our garden to water and weed and nurture our little plants along.
community garden


The Frog Pond: Well, those frogs are being very sneaky this year…the egg sacs we found in our pond were not frogs. Still not sure what exactly they were but…still looking for egg sacs or tadpoles so we will keep everyone posted as we continue to scout out the life in and around our pond.

Caterpillar-Butterfly: Our caterpillars are growing nice and fat as they get ready to make their transformation into Painted Lady Butterflies.
The “Cow-Cat”: It seems we have a new addition to the neighbourhood…lovely white cat with large black spots…looks just like a cow, hence the name it has been given by the preschool of “Cow-Cat”. What does this cute Cow-Cat enjoy about our preschool you ask? The giant litter box!! Please make a thorough check of the sand box “overflow” area when setting up outside and continue to encourage the children to keep the sand in the sandbox. Always cover the sandbox when we are not out in the yard.
Outside duty parents please remember to sign off on the safety yard check clipboard in the shed. We are required by licensing to produce a signed visual inspection sheet.
The preschool sign needs to be collected from the corner at the end of every day please. This is the job of the outside duty parent (Frogs and Bears classes). Anyone can feel free to grab it on your way by if you parked down the end of the block. (Thanks to everyone that already do this!)
Thank you to everyone who is helping us at the end of class by encouraging your child to participate in our daily yard clean up! It is great team work modeling for our little people.
Big Thank You to everyone for everything you do to make our preschool a very special community!!
Happy Mother’s Day ladies!
Teacher Gail