Strawberry Patch December 2023

Dive Into Our Preschool’s Whimsical World of Wonder!

🐞 Ladybugs’ Lively Landscapes: Our cheery Ladybugs had a blast at the “Big School” playground, bouncing on a big, blue ball with laughter echoing around. Busy builders are shaping our school’s future with exciting new structures. A warm, sunny welcome to our newest friend, adding more sparkle to our Ladybug family!

πŸ’’ Ladybugs’ Lovely Learning: Joyful wedding bells rang in our enchanted Rose Gardens, celebrating friendship and love. Rainy days brought puddle-jumping delights and forest games, with Teacher Matt turning every moment into an adventure. We played What Time is it Mr. Wolf and “Jump the Wild River.”

🐸 Frogs’ Fantastic Month: Our creative bakery was buzzing with the scent of blueberry and milk cakes, some fetching a million dollaroos! Sipping “goose-berry juice” in their vibrant feathers, our Frogs flitted around, forming precious bonds with friends from various classes.

🐸 Frogs’ Fascinating Fun: Our little builders and artists crafted wonders with Marble Works and painted dreams. Transforming into dragons with tales of dragon families and growth, they soared through their playful skies.

🐻 Bears’ Brave Month: With campfires ablaze, our heroic Bears and Fire Fighters saved the day! The entire art area became a chaotic canvas of creativity. The joy was worth the mess that comes from unfettered access to art supplies! Discussions around our Family Photo Wall warmed our hearts with the beauty of diverse families.

🌱 Tadpoles’ Terrific Fortnight: Alarm bells rang, and our little detectives donned eye spy glasses, embarking on a thrilling hunt for the missing fire extinguisher. Posters were made to help find the missing extinguisher. Amidst excavator construction and creative play, our Tadpoles built ramps with planks and a picnic table.

🐻 Bears’ Joyful Weeks: Smiles and giggles filled our days as our Bears dug for fairy gems and dressed up with extra giggles. Painting turned into a canvas of colorful exploration, they even painted themselves a bit. Undeterred by the cooler days, our little ones splashed and played at the rain barrel and sandbox.

🌱 Tadpoles’ Welcoming Weeks: A new Tadpole joined our pond, bringing new ripples of joy and friendship. Tabletop activities became zones of quiet concentration and shared discoveries.

πŸͺ Bears’ & Tadpoles’ Gingerbread Adventure: The aroma of gingerbread led us on a merry chase with clues sprinkled like magic. As we decorated cookies and crafted with cinnamon glue, our imaginations baked up stories of fun and friendship.

🌰 A Little Tree in the Making: Students’ curiosity blossomed as they planted a seed that had begun to split, watching with wonder as nature unfolds its story. We may even see the beginnings of a tree if they forget about it or stop themselves from digging it up before spring.

Thank you for joining us in this colorful kaleidoscope of play, learning, and laughter, where every day is a new adventure in our preschool paradise! 🎨🌼🌈

Reminders/Save the date*

Chuck a puck – March 9th, 2024

We will be accepting volunteers to bring their kids to help us sell pucks to the audience! Helping us raise funds goes towards the fundraising obligations that are a part of the Co-op.